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Greta and Mani Sustainable Tropical Dream Wedding

Destination wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand

When Greta & Mani first contacted us last year, we knew right away that this was going to be an amazing wedding.

Started off with the request to focus on sustainability, locally sourced & support local and many more beautiful things that made us love the sound of this wedding and thrilled to be part of it.

Bride and Groom

Positivity is the key

Then we personally met the amazingly lovely bride Greta who flew all the way from London, where they base, in the (almost) end of the pandemic and went through all the pandemic travel rules to be here to meet us & from then we only looked forward to her big day as we knew it will be lively & sparkle just like her!

Despite the wedding being moved from original plan Bali to Koh Samui Thailand due to the pandemic. We can see their positivity through the sense of humor, when the welcome signage says Gilitoinfinity Via Samui!

Hosting a destination wedding in Koh Samui where guests flew from all over the world

Greta is Ethiopian-Italian and Mani is Venezuelan-German so the guest list is very international and means a lot to do for bride & groom to make sure their guests have best time in flying across the world to be here and of course they nailed it! A magical week in Samui for everyone!

From the sustainable welcome bags full of all the goodies, sourced from every places in the world that meant to them. Ethiopian honey, Venezuelan chocolate, Thai local snacks to the sustainable paper that you can grow a tree out of it. Everything was so thoughtful and reflect what Greta does for living, human-wildlife conservation expert.

Greta and Mani Wedding ceremony

A fun & lovely wedding party crowd 

The whole group managed to make a great party everywhere they were, from fun boat trip on the beautiful wooden junk sail boat Red Baron to welcome dinner party at the local restaurant, hotel lobby and of course the wedding where dance floor was never empty! Such a happy & lively crowd and we feel so blessed to be part of this magical week!

Boat trip with Red Baron

Tropical luxe wedding in a magical setting

The wedding was held in a private venue, YL Residence in the southern part of Koh Samui. The place was all decorated by adding tropical touch to every parts from welcome area to ceremony where we used the locally sourced flowers & tropical greenery. Handmade hand fans for guests from local community near Koh Samui. As a way to support the locals plus they look so pretty! We also used banana leaf cones for petals confetti. The sustainability concept carried on to the beachside coconut garden where there was a grazing table with a use of local produces blended in with all the nibbles for guests to munch while they mingle, sipping sunset cocktails before they moved on to the reception dinner terrace by the sea where the main tropical feast & party happened. As you could guess, the dancing happening before, during & after the dinner!!!

The wedding cake & personalized cookies that designed especially for Greta, as a wildlife conservation, elephant is a big thing so there was elephant figure on the cake and lots of pretty elephant cookies made by the fairy cake lady, Lily Sweet Art (Cake on Samui). Then there was the Venezuelan tradition Hora Loco at midnight with the surprise late night food stall Arepas, Venezuelan pancakes!

Wedding Reception Setup

Check out this amazing destination wedding in Koh Samui & thanks to Liam and Stam from Liam Collard Photography for the beautiful capturing, the photos that tell the story!

Planning to have your destination wedding on this beautiful island? Reach out to us at for more information

Cinematographer: Koro Films
Wedding Planner & decorator : Dreamcatchers Events
Florist: OK flower
Wedding Celebrant: Johnny Paterson
Hair & Make up artist: Polina Pak’s Studio
DJ: Simon (Koh Samui Events)
Catering: Go Catering
Venezuelan pancakes: Chef Joel Tovar
Boat Charter: Red Baron

Ideas To Have A Sustainable Wedding

Sustainable tropical wedding ideas

Are you planning to have your wedding on one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, Koh Samui? We have put together some ideas, to help you create an environmentally friendly wedding. That your guests will love and that you’ll feel good about after it’s all over. Let us know if you think we’ve missed anything!

Coconut welcome drink station

Green Invitations

Are you looking for eco-friendly invitations for your wedding? There are tons of companies out there that offer green alternatives, even if they are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. Look around on Etsy or check local stores to see what’s available in your area. You can also buy some small cards and letters to make your own unique invitations. Either way it’s easy to be more eco-friendly, when sending out your save-the-dates and invitations. No matter how formal they are.

Eco-Friendly Décor

Your guests will remember your wedding for years to come, so use an eco-friendly approach. For example if you’re getting married on a beach, opt for biodegradable products that will leave no lasting impact on nature. Choose sustainable locally available flowers, instead of bouquets made with traditional flowers or imported flowers. Not only will they look just as beautiful, but they’ll also leave much less of a carbon footprint.

Water Station

Whether you decide to have a full-fledged green wedding or just an eco-friendly wedding, it’s important to think about ways to keep this beautiful island clean. At your reception, there are several easy ways to make small adjustments for an impactful long-term effect. A pretty water station is one of the ideas for zero waste, instead of having hundreds of plastic bottles of water, we could set up a beautiful & creative Water Station in glass canister, display in few options like Mint water, Watermelon water, lemongrass water or Lemon water! Does it not sound good & perfect for a hot day in tropical island?

Give Back by Investing in Charities

Although weddings are occasions to show our love for others, they should also be an opportunity to give back. After all if you want your guests, to leave feeling like they were truly celebrated that day. Why not do something meaningful in their honor? Whether you decide to donate to a cause close to your heart or choose a charity at random, make sure to give back in whatever way feels right. Koh Samui has many organizations that are working with good cause, for example, Samui Elephant Haven, Trash Hero, Dogs & Cats Rescue, Sisters on Samui & more.

Use Dried Leaves Confetti

Dried leaves are one of our favorite new wedding trends. Not only do they look lovely on tables, but they also make for beautiful confetti (try scattering them down your aisle). When you’re not using it at your wedding, dried leaves make for excellent mulch!

Monstera Leaf Chair Décor
Recycled bottle vase

Create DIY Wedding Favors from Materials That Can Be Recycled Afterward

Favors are a must at every wedding, but you don’t have to buy one in order to commemorate your special day. Instead you can make your own DIY sustainable wedding favors, from materials that can be recycled after your wedding is over.


Using Local Handmade Product from Local Communities Around Thailand

When you plan your wedding, use local handmade product from local communities around Thailand. Instead of mainstream products that are shipped in from overseas. Not only does it help sustain local business, it’s also a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint.  Samui Spice Island has lots of selection for handmade local products from handwoven bags for welcome bags, wicker gift boxes, Gifts ideas to unique accessories like handwoven bamboo earrings!

There are also a lot of local products, that can be put together for welcome bags. Using local products like coconut oil, natural lemongrass mosquito repellant, local sweets and the list go on!

Ideas for sustainable wedding are endless, we can go extra mile to make your wedding most sustainable. Contact us if you want to have a sustainable wedding in Koh Samui.

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